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We craved data.

We became data rich.

And now we risk drowning in it.

Let Cogenti show you the difference between having a good survey tool or community platform and having great, reliable and actionable insights and intelligence, based on evidence.
Advances in SaaS market research platforms for survey taking and online communities has lead to a ubiquitous presence of surveys and polls on the web and now "survey fatigue" is setting in for those taking them.  The motivation of the survey takers can be suspect and the reliability of their responses questionable.
Many corporate MR departments are sifting through sets of data that pile up as the surveys are completed and finding conflicting or ambiguous messages that do not form coherent insights.  This does not mean that surveys are becoming less informative, but they do require a very thorough, thoughtful and deliberate development process to engage respondents and get reliable, actionable insights.

Cogenti has worked with many healthcare corporate MR departments to help develop robust online communities

and socialized panels, supporting the design, development 

and analysis of the related research activities and instruments.

COGENTI's strength is it's team of unrelenting, insightful,  creative, pragmatic, strategic thinking professionals who are experts in the areas of:

  • primary market and insight research development, design and analysis

  • MR platform capabilities

  • social media and mobile app's

  • behavioral and social sciences

  • data science

  • entrepreneurship

  • business development

  • organizational culture

Quality Healthcare Market Research

We listen to what our clients want to learn, not to what they want to hear.

We are platform technology agnostic and review the specific needs for each project to determine the best path.

Our client engagements represent a range of successes with healthcare products and services.

Whether it's aiding one of the world's largest health and wellness consumer products manufacturers with insights and guidance for new OTC products, selecting a new national spokesperson, rethinking its distribution and retail network or revising its product packaging to meet rapidly changing consumer preferences...

or guiding one of the top web based health information content sites through discovery of new opportunities for generating revenue with proprietary online communities and panels...

or building hospital engagement communities to provide insights and guidance on telehealth services from both patients and providers.

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