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What are they saying?

What does it mean?

How do you respond?

Having the best community platform and application will not necessarily give you the best results.

Having COGENTI design, build and manage it just might.

What We Do

What We Do

Proprietary Online Panels

COGENTI's proprietary large scale physician, patient and consumer panels are powerful tools that provide quantitative data and insights for critically important metrics; individual surveys or we can provide periodic on-going tracking over time.

Our expertise in survey and sample design ensures panelists will be focused, engaged and candid, enabling deeper exploration of the most complex or difficult subjects. Providing pre-registered large and representative samples, Proprietary Online Panels are:

  • Quantitative

  • Personal

  • Reactive

  • Replicable

  • Capable of on-going tracking of important metrics over time

COGENTI's innovative approach to panel design leads to some extraordinary possibilities

When designed and executed effectively, online panels offer highly valuable data and derived insights, such as:

  • in-patient/out-patient hospital satisfaction rating system

  • physician rating systems

  • heaviest users of healthcare by cohort group

  • chronic illness treatment satisfaction

  • adoption of mobile healthcare monitoring devices

Patient Engagement Segmentation

Optimized Engagement based on highly defined Cohort Groups

Cogenti's Engagement Segmentation tool partitions the targeted populations  into distinct groups to help clients select an optimal engagement strategy based on population segment characteristics.

Private Online Social Communities

Cogenti's online community "best practices" yield healthcare communities with members who are engaged, eager to participate in activities, focused on supporting client initiatives and committed to providing rich, meaningful responses.​

Whether for patients, care givers, family, consumers or physicians and other HCP's, Cogenti designs, builds and oversees private communities for clients. We provide professional community management, create engaging activities, analyze findings and extrapolate insights.

Our online communities provide high quality qualitative insights by fostering:

  • Innovation

  • Cogeneration

  • Insights

  • Advocacy

  • Engagement

  • Collaboration

Healthcare Consumer

Insights Communities

Professionally managed COGENTI consumer communities build trust and confidence among participants, encouraging open and candid discussions on topics of importance to our clients.

Experienced community leaders create a narrative on topics important to your members, encouraging deeper conversation and richer, more meaningful insights.

Consumer communities are perfect tools for:

  • feedback on prescription and OTC medication satisfaction

  • preferences for shopping in-store or online

  • determining why consumers prefer one product over another

  • uncovering unmet needs within your market niche

  • designing/developing new medications and medical devices

  • testing new sales and marketing strategies

Patient Engagement Communities

A private, professionally managed online Patient Engagement Community provides real-time and highly engaging interaction encouraging patient participation  in many important areas and offers these advantages:

  • Allows directed conversations with targeted segments of patient populations

  • Probe & Assess Patient Activation

  • Examine Patient Behaviors

  • Ongoing dialog with patients  gaining trust and deeper insights

  • Introduce a variety of activities to more deeply engage patients

Patient, Caregiver & Family Support Communities

Online support communities for patients, caregivers and family that offer a safe, supportive environment to discuss their concerns, illnesses and treatments are valuable tools where you can listen, learn and gain insight into how to improve patient satisfaction and general patient care.

Cogenti professionally managed support communities allow you to:

  • Build trust over time to engage members in deeper and candid discussions

  • Probe for areas of both satisfaction and dissatisfaction. For example, hospital procedures or staff

  • Detect misconceptions or incorrect information on a variety of topics such as illnesses and treatment options, insurance or at-home medical devices

Physician & HCP Advisory Councils

As the healthcare sector continues with high degrees of uncertainty in all aspects of the industry, providing an open forum for your physicians and other staff to discuss its rapidly changing landscape will provide critical insights and ideas on how your organization can respond and its effects on your staff.

Physician and Staff Advisory Councils will provide the opportunity to explore thoughts and opinions on:

  • Impact of regulatory changes on patient care

  • mergers and consolidation of hospitals and doctors practices

  • changes to hospital 

Patient & Family Advisory Councils

Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFAC’s) work in partnership with the leadership and clinical staff of hospitals and physician groups to create an environment of patient and family-centered care across the entire institution.

Patient Advisory Councils provide crucial feedback on important issues including:

  • Quality of care during hospital stay

  • Doctor's appointments

  • Post-treatment care instructions

  • Patient Portal

  • Hospital and office procedural changes

  • Hospital and office facility modifications and additions

Staff Insights Communities

Building more cohesive, collaborative staff teams with new approaches to training, team building and communications.

  • Introduce new policies

  • Resolve organizational culture issues

  • Instruct & Inform about new procedures and services

  • Foster better team and inter-departmental relations

Healthcare Market Research communities

COGENTI professionally managed online communities offer a powerful approach to market research, providing highly engaging and interactive activities, keeping members interested and eager to share their thoughts and ideas.

The only thing for sure about healthcare in America is its uncertain future, but you can take steps to be armed with the up-to-date thinking, opinions, insights and concerns of patients, consumers, doctors, HCP's and other healthcare stakeholders that will shape how you move forward.

COGENTI can help.

We design, build, manage and analyze:

  • online client panels   

  • private, managed, online social communities

  • syndicated studies and custom-proprietary quantitative programs

providing deep insights and actionable strategies for all segments of the healthcare sector.

Online Communities
Online Panels
Engagement Seg

Custom & Proprietary Services

Highly refined programs designed to deliver rich, valuable insights for better organizational planning.

Client Programs individually designed to address specific client needs, proprietary content and target populations of interest.

These specialized programs can offer solutions  in areas as diverse as reducing patient readmissions,  crowdsourcing medical mobile app's or improving organizational culture.

A client program can be developed as a syndicated study to provide cyclical updated data to track trends, changes in opinion, levels of interest or growth, or can be offered as a one time study to drill down deep on critical issues that will affect your business.

Healthcare Syndicated Studies

Ongoing deep insights in many important areas of healthcare at a great value  

COGENTI multi-client Syndicated Healthcare Programs offer a periodic snapshot of changes over time to the opinions, actions and behaviors of a segment of the healthcare population.  These changes are tracked and provide ongoing insights for decision-makers on a variety of universal healthcare topics by population segments, such as patients, consumers, doctors, PA's, nurses and others.

At a time when our healthcare system continues to have great uncertainty about it's framework and structure and how government, business and the public sectors will react to these potentially monumental changes, COGENTI Syndicated Studies can provide great insight and yield actionable strategies for many healthcare business sectors including pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, institutions and physician practices and insurance companies.


One area we are focusing on for Syndicated Studies is TeleHealth/TeleMedicine

One example of a Syndicated Study is our "mediFEAR Index" which tracks the concerns, perceptions and anxieties of patients, consumers and medical professionals related to the possible major changes to the American Healthcare System.  This study covers:

  • Impact on the quality of care available to all Americans

  • Changes to healthcare insurance, premium payments and covered benefits, services and medications

  • Will healthcare availability change for Americans 

  • What health conditions do Americans fear most (e.g. heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's)

  • Financial impact on businesses connected to healthcare

Consulting Services

Healthcare Market Research

COGENTI's team of highly skilled professionals have achieved many great successes for its clients with innovative thinking, sound business principles and a lot of hard work.

Cogenti’s Consulting Services go beyond the data and metrics and work collaboratively with your internal and external teams to develop realistic and effective actionable strategies based on the analysis and insights gained from studies, assessments and other sources. We offer solutions that aid marketing, management, quality control, human resources and IT decision-makers among others.

Healthcare Market Research - Talk to us!


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Syndicated Services
Custom & Proprietary
Consulting Services



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