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Healthcare Sectors

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers:

Hospitals, clinics, medical centers, telehealth centers, doctors and other HCP caregivers

Cogenti professionally managed private online communities, panels, syndicated studies and other healthcare market research tools are developed with the greatest emphasis on quality research design, resulting in highly reliable crucial data and insights that provide our clients with: 

  •  Improved Patient Outcomes

  • Greater Patient Engagement

  •  Lower re-admittance rate

  •  Collaborative Organizational Culture 

  •  Enhanced reputation and goodwill 

  •  Competitive edge in your markets

  • Future Growth & Direction

  • Higher Return On Investment of your resources and capital.


Content Providers & Websites

Content Providers & Publishers:

Web-based healthcare content providers, publishers & public health information sites

Take advantage of the dynamic state of healthcare and let Cogenti show you the possibilities of developing value added information services for your clients.

Our experience in this area has met with great success for some of the largest healthcare content providers online.

Mfr's & Retailers

Pharmaceutical & OTC Manufacturers & Retailers:

Manufacturers and retailers of health, pharmaceutical, hygene and wellness products

Cogenti professionally managed online communities and panels provide critical and valuable insights in product development, marketing, public relations and market channels to pharmaceutical and OTC businesses looking to stay ahead of the fast moving developments in treatments, technology, healthcare delivery and social media.

Medical Devices & App's

Medical Devices, Web-based App's and other Technology Businesses

Medical Devices, App's & other Technologies:

Cogenti insights communities, consumer and professional advisory panels and our syndicated study offerings can inform your decision making and guide you in areas of finance and investment, product development and marketing.

These are just a few of the questions we can help you answer:

  • What and how do patients, consumers, physicians and other HCP's think about self-diagnostic and self-monitoring medical and wellness devices and app's?

  • Are your products designed to meet the needs of the users?

  • Do the HCP's feel qualified in explaining there use?

  • Do users understand the instructions to ensure proper functioning and measuring by the device?

  • How do you keep users engaged for the long-term to gain maximum benefit from the device?

Agencies & Organizations

Government agencies, public health organizations, Patient Advocacy, NPO's and other charitable groups

Agencies, Organizations & Institutions:

Insurers & Payers

Insurers & Payers:

Insurance companies, employers, unions and other non-insurance payers



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