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Opportunities at the Intersection of Healthcare, Social Media and

Mobile Technologies



COGENTI: Excellence in Research Design and Analysis

for the Healthcare and Wellness Sectors.

Providing design, development, analysis and management of Healthcare Online Insights and Engagement Communities, Panels and Syndicated Studies and the related studies, surveys and activities.  All needed to drive critical insights and intelligence,  crucial to informing your decision making and advancing your organizational goals and objectives.

Cogenti Applied Strategies, Inc. is a healthcare and wellness market research, program development and consultancy firm with our focus on the opportunities provided by the intersection of healthcare with social media and mobile technologies.

Cogenti team members are experts in:

  • Quality Market Research Design, Analysis and Reporting for Healthcare

  • Behavioral Sciences

  •  Social Media

  • Platform Technologies ​

  • Organizational Culture

Let us show you the difference between having a good
survey tool or community platform and having great, reliable, actionable insights and intelligence based on evidence.

We provide intelligence, insights, direction and solutions to:


 HCP Groups



Content Providers

& Publishers






Medical Devices

Web Based App's

Technology & Systems

Government Agencies

Healthcare Policy


The Art of Asking a Question

"Language is a process of free creation; its laws and principles are fixed, but the manner in which the principles of generation are used is free and infinitely varied. Even the interpretation and use of words involves a process of free creation."  Noam Chomsky

Words. Punctuation. Phrasing. Tone. Structure. Semantics. These are all elements of shaping a survey or poll question to be sure it elicits a true, objective response, without influence or bias.

Cogenti's team of insight research experts understand this and the vital importance of contextual nuance when developing language for research instruments.  The Cogenti team has been responsible for helping to draft industry standards for Best Practices and other guidelines for research quality. 

We apply this expertise to every aspect of our work.

Quality Healthcare Market Research

What We Do

Healthcare Market Research

Online Communities - Panels - Syndicated Studies

Private Online Social Communities 

  • Consumers

  • Patients & Care Givers

  • HCP's

Online Panels

Patient Engagement Segmentation

Cogenti designs, builds and professionally manages private, online social communities.

Interactive and highly engaging, providing high quality qualitative insights by fostering:

  • Innovation

  • Cogeneration

  • Insights

  • Advocacy


Providing pre-registered large and representative samples, Proprietary Online Panels are:

  • Quantitative

  • Personal

  • Reactive

  • Replicable

  • capable of on-going tracking of important metrics over time

Cogenti's Engagement Segmentation tool partitions the targeted populations  into distinct groups to help clients select an optimal engagement strategy based on population segment characteristics.

Syndicated Studies
Custom & Proprietary Services

Consulting Services

Client Programs individually designed to address specific client needs, proprietary content and target populations of interest.

These specialized programs can offer solutions  in areas as diverse as reducing patient readmissions, crowdsourcing medical mobile app's or improving organizational culture.

Cogenti’s Consulting Services go beyond the data and metrics and work collaboratively with your internal and external teams to develop realistic and effective actionable strategies based on the analysis and insights gained from studies, assessments and other sources. We offer solutions that aid marketing, management,  human resources and IT decision-makers among others.

Multi-client Syndicated Studies & Programs that track and provide ongoing insights for decision-makers about healthy individuals, people with chronic ailments, doctors, PA's, nurses and others.

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Crafting a Narrative
How you report on the research is just as critical as designing the engagement activity.

After the surveys and discussions are designed, answered and analyzed, insights need to be extrapolated and actions and strategies need to be defined and communicated to your various stakeholders. Stakeholders can comprise diverse groups such as physicians/HCP's, patients, consumers, executive management, employees and the general public.

Getting the attention of each target group and having them understand and then engage with your actionable strategies is crucial to the success of your project.  By crafting the insights and strategies into a compelling narrative supported by the research evidence, that is nuanced for each target group, Cogenti ensures that all stakeholders will understand and become engaged with your organizational goals and objectives.

COGENTI provides quality Healthcare Market Research.

healthcare market research

COGENTI Online Communities + Mobile = In-The-Moment Narratives

Healthcare marke research

COGENTI can help you develop novel applications for your online communities using proprietary mobile technology  that allows “in-the-moment” narratives from your patients and employees.

For example, patients could be asked to give real-time satisfaction feedback while in their room or waiting area before or after a procedure.  Patients could also be asked to take pictures of things that either please or upset them within the environment and even post comments by video.

Healthcare Market Research

Why Cogenti?

  • Original Thinking

  • Innovative Tools

  • Knowledge

  • Experience


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Healthcare Online Communities

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